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Why should we use natural and probiotic materials?

Man tried to create a clean and healthy living environment. He thought that all kinds of chemical products would help him to do this job but man was wrong. By using chemicals even environmental friendly one-man unbalanced nature so Finally man has put humanity and the entire planet at risk. Man now desperately needs to make a change and restore the delicate balance of nature. 100% natural probiotic can help him do that today there’s a biotechnological company with a revolutionary vision on hygiene the best and most innovative probiotic cleaning and personal care solutions man has ever seen not only environmentally friendly but even life-changing beneficial to an entire planet start making your change today create healthier truly cleaner living environment for yourself and give nature a helping hand discover the newest generation of probiotic hygiene and care products developed.

About our Company:

Due to this attitude, Our Company (Behnasan s.r.o.) has developed a platform for the sale of organic and probiotic chemicals in Slovakia.

We have opened the name of a store called Pro Eco Nice in Bratislava so that all the people of Slovakia can use the benefits of these products.

These products are widely used.

Personal care, Industries, Hospitals, Schools, Carwash, Water and Wastewater, Poultry, Dairy cattle and…

Our company is an exclusive agent of Belgian Chrisal products in Slovakia and Czech. We are also the agent for the sale of ECO Cosmetic from Germany.

We bring organic and probiotic products to the doors of your home through online sales.

Our website is:

The owners of the company have long experimented with the production and sale of organic materials and probiotics to provide a unique product for their Slovakia customers

Our Vision:

New Idea, New Life

Our Mission:

Introducing excellent products to our customers as an environmentally friendly solution

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