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Chrisal has been a global leader in the manufacture of probiotic, environmentally-friendly cleaning and personal care products that have been proven effective against bacterial resistance since 1989. ۱۹۸۹: Chrisal is founded, the start of [...]

ECO Cosmetic

ECO - COSMETICS FROM NATURE’S TREASURES Nature offers everything for the well-being of human skin. That is why our products consist of 100% natural ingredients, if possible from certified organic farming. For millennia there [...]


Why should we use natural and probiotic materials? Man tried to create a clean and healthy living environment. He thought that all kinds of chemical products would help him to do this job but man [...]

  • CNG dispenser

Coritec_Equipment for CNG Dispensers

CNG dispensers Over the last years Coritec have developed different technological solutions to meet the needs of those firms involved in the CNG market. Coritec manufacture components for CNG dispensers. Behnasan Holding group is [...]

Consulting-Management systems

We offer you , Consulting-Management systems quality management according to ISO 9001 requirements environmental management according to ISO 14001 requirements management of occupational health and safety according to ISO 18001 requirements food safety management according [...]