Chrisal has been a global leader in the manufacture of probiotic, environmentally-friendly cleaning and personal care products that have been proven effective against bacterial resistance since 1989.

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    Chrisal is founded, the start of revolutionary innovation.

    ChrisalNV was founded in 1989 by Mr Corrie Gielen. From the very beginning, Chrisal was aware of the need to distinguish itself from its global competitors through innovation and cutting-edge technology. Chrisal developed alkaline, water-based cleaning agents and degreasers that combined effective cleaning power with an organic, non-aggressive and non-toxic effect to find safe, environmentally-friendly solutions.

    Invested heavily in increasing production capacity and research & development, keeping a constant focus on quality and innovation.

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    Further product development and awareness-raising
    In early 2016, Made a firm commitment to pursuing an intensive B2C strategy, while focussing on a dynamic product and business development strategy. Chrisal launched striking marketing campaigns to raise public awareness of the beneficial effects of its advanced probiotic cleaning and personal care products for people and planet to consolidate its lead as a leading manufacturer of probiotic products world-wide.
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    Probiotics are introduced into cleaning products.

    In 2006, Started developing high-quality probiotic cleaning agents. Probiotic cleaning is a true global revolution in sustainable cleaning and hygiene. It is THE solution for all kinds of problems caused by years of misusing chemical cleaning agents and disinfectants. Probiotic products (PIP) are completely safe for people and animals, as well as being good for the environment (Ecobenefit) and highly effective.

    Chrisal has grown to be the leading global producer of high-quality probiotic cleaning and personal care products. Chrisal exports to more than 58 countries.

    Scientific studies increasingly confirm the necessity and importance of probiotic hygiene, especially in hospitals where the problem of super resistant bacteria is hitting hardest.

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